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Ilkka Kallio (Soome)

Zilvinas Valeika (Lithuania)

Toomas Uri (Estonia)

Zuzana Michalová (Slovakia)

Johnathan “;Photo“ Darden (USA)

Business Name: Photo’s Studio
Brief Biography:
I started photographing at the age of eight. A friend asked me to do a photo shoot of his girlfriend nude. I did not want it to be pornographic so I made the photo shoot images into an art. I started college during the summer of 2007. Since then, I have started my own business specializes in artistic nudes. If you are a model looking for a photographer or an assignment, Contact me! I love creative people with their own concepts. I consider myself a collaborative artist -- for me nature or the model creates the beauty and I capture it. If you have something in mind, please do let me know.

Always wanted to be a model but don't think you have the right stuff? You might be surprised. There is beauty in all of us and I love finding it. If you want to try, let me know! Sometimes people think I only shoot beautiful models. I actually think I work to bring out beauty in people. Obviously it is easier for some, but it is really true that we are all beautiful in some way.



nelson de paula

Liz PsixOdino4ka

Karel Stodolovský (Czhech)


Born on 14.5.1962 in the old city of Jihlava the highlands of Czech republic.Living in Prague as a musician, he composes music and lyrics.He plays on guitar in underground and alternative groups. As therapist he worked in many social projects in Czech republic.Within the last ten years he began photography with especially interest nature and the naked body in atypical positions.He is the Owner of the art galery in Prague /Galerie Stodolovský,Milíčova 29,130 00 Praha 3 Czech republic/

Hunter Mantooth



1956 Born in Elizabeth, New Jersey

    1. Studied at The William Paterson University, NJ. Awarded BA.

1987 Moved to Chicago, Illinois

    1. Studied at North Central College, Chicago Illinois. Awarded MS

    1. New Orleans, La.

1994-1997 Portland, Oregon

    1. Los Angeles, Ca.

1999-2001 Singapore

2001-2006 Athens, Greece

2006-Present New York City

Hunter Mantooth has had gallery shows in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Singapore, and Athens. He is represented by The EmergeAgency Gallery, in New York City, New York.

Henry Bulger

gerardo otoniel (mexico)